How to keep everyone happy when catering for a corporate event.


Have a client who wants to celebrate their company’s birthday, landing a big client or a star performer’s huge promotion with an office meal for all the employees to enjoy? That’s great but there’s only problem… Everyone eats and enjoys different things.

Catering properly for a celebration involves making sure everyone is happy with what they’re served. We’ve got the top tips for foolproof office corporate meals that will keep everyone happy and help make any corporate event a success.

Top tips for successful corporate catering

1. Serve a range of dishes

This is the easiest way to avoid catering disasters. Instead of picking one meal and hoping everyone will be happy, serve a few smaller dishes. Go for things that are easy to eat, like tapas and finger foods, and serve something plain like rice, fresh bread or wraps alongside for the less adventurous eaters.

2. Label each element

A clever way to avoid people eating things they hate is to make sure they know what everything is. Print labels and place them next to each dish so people can easily distinguish what everything is. Make sure to use words like ‘spicy’ or ‘hot’ for the things that contain chili or lots of seasoning, so no one’s left coughing and spluttering involuntarily.

3. Serve dressings and sauces on the side

Guests can decide how they want their plate to taste if they can choose the sauces themselves. For the health conscious, they can avoid oily dressings or mayo based sauces that they may deem as unhealthy or not in accordance with their diet.

4. Encourage participation

If you’ve got some time before the event, ask your guests to write down some ideas of what they’d like to see on the table. This way, you can personalise your spread and make people happy to see their suggestions on the table. If a few people have asked for the same thing, you can make this a larger portion so you don’t run out!

5. Go for building your own meal

If you’re wanting to steer clear of serving an assortment of smaller dishes, then allow people to build their own element of whatever you’ve chosen for the event’s catering. Something like burritos, burgers or tacos works great. Offer a selection of proteins and vegetarian patties or strips, as well as fresh salad ingredients so people can personalise their own meal.

6. Don’t forget dessert

If all else fails (which it won’t if you’re working with us!), you can rely on dessert to bring people together. Almost everyone loves something sweet to end a meal or top off a big event, so keep it simple with a selection of chocolate truffles and homemade ice cream and keep guests smiling! If you want to go the cake route, Al Mazroui are experts at those too!

With these tips in mind, we don’t know how you could go wrong. But if there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of this done, Al Mazroui Catering is on call for all your catering needs. We’ve been doing this for a while so fussy eaters are no sweat for us, whatever the corporate occasion!

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